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Strategic Solutions

Strategic Solutions

At the forefront of political strategy and communications, Assunto LTD empowers leaders and organizations to command the global stage.


Strategic Advisory for Political Success.


Influential Political Campaigns.


Shaping Perceptions & Public Discourse.


Effective Messaging for Strategic Goals.

About us

Our History & Background

Leveraging decades of experience, Assunto has risen to be at the forefront of political consultancy and strategic communication services. Discover more of our comprehensive narrative below.

Assunto LTD has consistently delivered unparalleled consulting services, transforming the landscape of political advocacy and strategic communications. Our tailor-made strategies are not only responsive to the ever-changing global dynamics but also deeply rooted in a legacy of measurable success and enduring partnerships. We pride ourselves on our ability to not just meet but exceed the expectations of those we serve, ensuring every venture is a step towards greater achievements.

Our process

Strategic Mastery in Three Phases

With each phase, we affirm our dedication to excellence, ensuring that every solution is a step towards definitive success in a complex world.



We synthesize information and goals to architect a bespoke strategic blueprint.



Our experts translate planning into action, ensuring dynamic and responsive execution.



We monitor the landscape, ensuring your strategy resonates and achieves its objectives.

Why hire us?

The Assunto Advantage

Assunto LTD isn't just a consultancy; we're your strategic partner in a complex world, dedicated to delivering tangible results.

Strategic Foresight

Anticipating shifts, shaping futures.

Tailored Approach

Custom solutions for unique challenges.

Global Network

Extensive connections, local insights.


The Old Man From the Balkans

Behind every story there is a truth and behind every truth there is a ghost that lingers.

Bearing the truth is our load, and redemption comes through truth alone.

To uncover the truth, we must first chase the ghosts.

Beyond the truth, silence reigns.

This is our mission, this is the essence of our existence.

In Memoriam

Walter Bedell Smith


” You may be great to serve under, difficult to serve alongside, but you sure are hell to serve over! “

In 1950, Smith became the Director of Central Intelligence, the head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the other intelligence agencies in the United States. Smith reorganized the CIA, redefined its structure and its mission, and gave it a new sense of purpose



Zvi Zamir, who has died aged 98, was a general in the Israel Defence Forces before becoming Director of Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, in 1968; in this capacity he led Operation Wrath of God to hunt and kill those responsible for the Munich Massacre.

Sir Mansfield Cumming


“Fresh operation was necessary for each letter.” 

Sir Mansfield Cumming was the first Chief of the Secret Service Bureau, the organisation that grew into the agencies known today as MI5 and MI6. At various times between 1911 and 1922, 2 Whitehall Court served not only as Cumming’s home, but also as headquarters of the Foreign Section of the Secret Service Bureau.